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What is Stresscape About?


Why choose Stresscape? What is the project's rationale?


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Stresscape is a free student-support application on cellular devices that allows students to interact with people and seek assistance from their school to discuss various troubles or queries revolving around school or life.

Fellow Humber students can also sign up for the Stresscape Program and volunteer to help out other students who reach out for assistance. The question it addresses is “how can you easily help students in stressful times who may not have someone to talk to?”


I chose Stresscape due to my personal experience with college schooling and online learning. Coming from experience, school can be stressful at times and it can have a negative impact on the choices you make and interactions you have with others.

I wanted to target Humber students to keep the application local and ease the process of students having to search for external help. Because this program is school-oriented, I wanted to focus on where stress could negatively impact your endeavors during college.


Home: The main page of the application is the "Self Evaluation" progress of the application. The user has a checklist of tasks to complete each day to minimize stress in a self-healing mechanism from expert sources to minimize stress in school.

Today: This page has featured content. It includes daily tips from students on how they cope with stress and a list of featured students that the student can start to reach out to.

Students: The students are used as a reference guide for students to reach out to if they want personal help to cope with stress. They are split up by specialist categories to narrow down the user to a specific niche.

Events: This is an additional page for users to improve with time management skills for both school and life. They can utilize this page to schedule events with people, work, or school.

References: This page has additional links students can use to further assist the coping process. Links included on this page include advice from professionals for certain stress topics or ways to prevent the extreme cases where stress in school impacts their mental health.